Please fasten your seatbelts,
the race is about to begin.


Reconnaissance Lap

Please focus while we brief you with information on our circuit.

Degen Kart Club is a collection of 6,111 unique NFT drivers inspired by cars, Formula 1, the NFT culture and nonsense.  Really, being random is part of their culture.

Each Degen Racer is unique and stored on the Solana and Arweave
Blockchains. Some racers racing cars, some flex their Lamborniftys that
they gained thanks to NFT trading, some even brought their plane to
the stadium while a few others crashed their car before the beginning
of the race. However, they all share the same goal: to be the first
drivers in a Degen Racing game.
Which game, you may ask? You, as
the proud owner of a Degen Racer, will be the one deciding on the
game that will be developed.

So, buckle up, driver, and scroll down to meet the six different
teams of drivers.


6 teams decided to join the race. They all have a type of car, non-visual in-game metadata
associated to their car and share common attributes. So which one will you pick?

The Formula 1 Degens

They like to drive fast, are very limited and know it. However, some of them already crashed their car and will have very poor performance. But they are Degens, can you blame them?

The “My dad is a Lawyer” Degens

They are rich and like to show it. The richest will flex golden Lamborniftys or Yachts (WTF?) while some are sponsored by Solana that rented them the car for the race. What will yours look like?

The Utilitarian Degens

They got lost. The bus driver, tank soldier and firemen thought that the club looked cool and joined the race lineup. They are quite slow but know how to use their special skills to seduce you.

The Off-Road Degens

They have cool cars and look shady. We tried to ask them what they were doing here and told us they just came to have a drink at the bar. That’s dope.

The Random Degens

What do the plane driver, the hearse and the caravan have in common? Nothing, and that’s why we love them.

Special Degens

It’s a secret. Excited? You might be surprised, we wouldn’t be if we were in your driver’s seat.


Buckle-up, Degen, we’re going for a lap.

  • 20% Racers Minted

    A random Degen Racer will be selected to receive a unique "Race Pass” and will receive a Formula 3 Driving experience on the circuit of his choice.

  • 35% Racers Minted

    A lucky Degen charity chosen by the community will receive 200 Solana.

  • 50% Racers Minted

    One lucky Degen Racer will be selected to receive a unique “Grand-Prix Pass” in which they will receive a pre-paid, all-inclusive trip for two for the Grand-Prix of his choice. (We recommend Monaco or Miami).

  • 80% Racers Minted

    A limited Degen Kart Club merch drop will be available to NFT holders. It will be made of T-shirts, helmets, car stickers and in partnership with... whoever the community chooses.

  • 100% Racers Minted

    One Degen Racer will receive a “Supercar Pass”, which he will be able to claim for a supercar up to a value of $50,000, or an equal cash prize paid in Solana.

Second Lap (After minting)

We will install Grape Protocol on Discord, hold a community vote and decide on the gamification on the game we're creating. Indeed, we strongly believe the community should have the right to decide how they will play their Degen Racers and develop their game.

In November, we will hold our community vote, airdrop the 3D characters corresponding to the 2D ones in December.
In Q1 2022, we will have the first gameplay created, and the beta should be playable by Q2 2022.


Just go back to our home screen, press on the Degen Radio and the number of Degen Racers you would like to mint. Then follow the instructions, buckle up and you’re ready to go! Warning: please do so sober, drinking and driving won’t be tolerated at the Degen Kart Club. To learn about how to download your Phantom or Sollet wallet and add funds to the wallet, click here.

The drop will be on 3rd November at 8PM UTC and will cost 0.5 SOL. The time will be announced on the website.

Yes, you can if you use Sollet on mobile. To use Phantom, you should use your own Mac, PC or Linux (Apeintosh not supported in the current version)

You’ll be able to mint up to 1 Racers per transaction.

No. We are here to have fun, build a cool game and chat with other car enthusiasts. If the price of Each Degen rises, good for you! Otherwise, we're all in here to build this project (but the supercar prize is damn cool, and you might win that).

That’s enough FAQ questions for now. If you have any other question, feel free to join the Discord and ask it in the general chat or contact our support.